Playful way to discover the Gorges du Verdon

Equipped with a neoprene suit, helmet and life jacket, this clever mix of wildwater and hiking, allows you to discover in a fun way, mainly by swimming, the heart of VerdonGorges, an extraordinary site where the river is the only path in most cases.

More information about Water Trekking in the Verdon

Our Verdon swimming descents are open to all. Minimum age limits are imposed on certain courses.

We provide you with technical equipment and individual equipment approved to the safety standards. Concerned about your comfort and safety, all equipment is regularly checked and maintained.

Aqua Rando dans le Verdon
Water Trekking in the Verdon

An irreproachable hygiene

All combinations are washed and disinfected after each use with CMA Laboratories’ Bacterless product.
This product destroys 100% of mycoses and fungus and is hypoallergenic.

Water trekking in the Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon are among the largest in Europe. We suggest you to discover this spectacle in a entertaining way through the aqua hike.
28 km long, you can explore two parts of it: The Samson Corridor in half a day and L’Imbut in a whole day. 

Rando Aqua dans le Grand Canyon du Verdon
Water Trekking in the Grand Canyon

History of the practice

The exploration of canyons began at the beginning of the century. Long before that, some easily accessible canyons were known to reckless fishermens. Canyons and caves have always been linked to a mythology that has fascinated people in front of these secret, deep, magical and mysterious places.

Water Trekking more recently

Around 1985, the Water Trekking activity grew in popularity; initially carried out by mid-mountain guides, who practiced it without equipment and were content to cross the river in places (guets) and took advantage of it to swim. Canoe and kayak instructors have adapted their techniques to the specificity of the aquatic environment and transformed it into a whitewater sport. Today, water-trekking has become an activity in its own right.

Rando Aqua près de Castellane
Water Trekking near Castellane in the Gorges du Verdon